Why is BLINK-SL0W important?
-We are actively resisting the government's current structure that maintains poverty and disbands community.
-We are helping close the gap between working class and middle class access to creative work. Being creative for a living should not just be for the rich. We are here to fight that.
-We are creating community, helping our society by creating jobs, helping maintain mental (and therefore physical health), helping to reduce dependency on crime and universal credit.
-We are a stepping stone for those who are on the outskirts of society.
-Often businesses get away with not paying creatives properly. We will use our position to stop that and find fair pay for our service users.

-BLINK-SL0W is ran by working class people who are committed to a non-patronising way of assisting. As a committee we too use services so we know how it is at both ends.

Why do service users need BLINK-SL0W?
-Being part of a community is good for the soul. We all need it. We all need someone or somewhere to turn to and somewhere we see a home.
-We are opportunity for creative outlet, a chance to find work and a chance to work with other creatives and share knowledge and skills.

Why do businesses need BLINK-SL0W?
-We know how important it is to businesses to keep up with the times. Our workshops offer your team up to date training on being anti discriminative. More and more creatives and buyers are looking away from unethical businesses and searching for those who implement real ethical practices. 
-We know there are plenty of businesses that have jumped from agency to agency receiving mediocre care and a stubborn mindset and look of creating. Here at BLINK-SL0W our service users adapt, listen and simply deliver efficiently to make your life easier and happier, meaning you don't need to waste anymore time searching for creatives who can get the job done.  Usually creatives specialise in one trade and the business has to take on so many different people it can become a lot of effort for them to figure out, so we help avoid this by having a wonderful selection of service users at your ready, under one roof overseen by dedicated volunteers, grafters and trustees.