We are a community group born out of the need for the push for equal opportunities in the creative industry. We currently operate from Greater Manchester, with the aim to expand in the future.

Who are our service users?
-mainly people based in the North of England (for now)
-those from low-income backgrounds

-people in prison or young offenders
-those on long hospital stays
-people in rehabilitation programmes

-people on mental health wards 

What does Blink-Sl0w offer service users?
-We link service users to jobs and opportunities.
-Mentoring, coaching, and goals meetings.
-A home and community to be part of where we all support each other.
-Workshops and a chance to get creative (these are in the community, in hospitals and in prison settings- no photos/videos will be taken unless requested by the service users as these spaces aim to be confidential and safe).
-Access to tools and resources at your request.
-Grants and funding opportunities.
-Classes on managing finances, invoicing, self-employment and freelancing.
-We actively find work for our service users through featuring them on our newsletters, within our zines, exhibitions and market stalls.
-We offer help on projects that service users are completing.
-Our team is truly cared about; they know their worth and each worker is a real grafter who deserves to be paid for their time. We will categorically only work with companies who care about the world and their workers.

What does Blink-Sl0w offer businesses?
-We have a directory of creatives businesses can use (stylists, photographers, videographers, digital artists, lighting and audio specialists, events/pr workers, social media managers, website builders, hair and make up artists, nail art designers, poets, garment designers, blog writers + many many more). We are an incredibly efficient place to fill short or long term  roles for businesses. Coming to BLINK-SL0W offers an abundance of possibilities; you can work with us on a regular basis or as a one off.
-Workshops on discrimination and privilege for businesses to encourage understanding of why people are in the positions they are, and why this shouldn't impact on their opportunities and access, and how businesses are playing a role in fuelling an unfair world.

Reach out to us to ask about the services we can offer your business via the contact button below.

Can I be a service user?
If you think you fit within the above criteria then yes! Please reach out to us to enquire about how we can assist you. Similarly, please reach out if you are unsure whether we can offer you help, as if not we may be able to signpost you to other services. Most of our service users will find us via community outreach work, but we always welcome applicants. If you are part of, run, volunteer or work for a charity or community group who could use our help please get in touch. For all contact please follow the contact button below.