We sometimes forget to stop for a moment, take a second from our fast paced lives, and take in the beauty all around us. In creative roles we are able to hold onto those moments. We capture that very beauty in the hope of reminding you to pause, appreciate, feel and learn, and to warmly hold onto moments that form the world around you.

Our lives might be rushing by, and our heads might be spinning and filled to the brim with ideas, concepts, fears, worry, and pure joy, but that just makes us appreciate the moments in between where we stop, breathe ... and BLINK-SL0W.

Events videography for Lucid Juice x SWAMP81
Brief for Protected Species
Campaign for Nuclear Planet
Advert for Union Sounds, BLOC2BLOC
Graphics for BOY - ISH magazine
Photography for Bombon x Matacomplex
Arabella's Test Shoot
Photography, videography and sound for M2
Photography for 6ft garms
Photography and videography for Juicy Fitness
Polaroids, test shoots and videography for IMM Models
Scouting and Castings